On Friday morning an old man named Thomas STUBBS,  aged 82 years, was
found hanging in an outhouse at Leegate House, where he had  been residing for
some time past with his wife. He was quite dead when found,  and it is said that
he had first attempted to cut his throat. The poor man had  lost his only
daughter a few weeks ago, and his wife was buried on the day  previous, and this
seems to have caused him great grief.

   An inquest was held on the body on Saturday before  Mr. J. B. LEE, deputy
coroner for the Eastern Division of Cumberland, and a  jury, of whom Mr.
Moore PARK was the foreman. A verdict was returned that  "deceased had committed
suicide whilst in a state of temporary insanity caused  by grief."



   On Friday evening, Mr. MANDUELL, clerk to the  Wigton Board of Guardians,
was found sitting in his chair quite dead, at the  Hare and Hounds Inn,
Wigton, where he had been lodging for some months past. It  seems he had been
working until a late hour on the previous night, preparing the  Union books for the
Auditor, and had complained of feeling much wearied on  Friday morning.

   He went to his office but came back after a short  time and went into his
room. He was reading a newspaper when last seen alive.  This was after
mid-day, and the room was not entered again until about five  o'clock. Dr. MITCHELL
was sent for, and was soon on the spot, but it was evident  that Mr. MANDUELL
had been dead for some time. A bottle containing laudanum  (sp?) and labelled
"poison" was found in the pockets of Mr. MANDUELL. He had  been in a somewhat
weak state of health for some time past, and had frequently  complained of
being unwell. He had been much harassed with his work, which has  fallen into

   An inquest was held on the body on Saturday, at the  Hare and Hounds Inn,
before Mr. J. B. LEE, and a jury of whom Mr. Joseph  BOUSTEAD was the
foreman. A verdict of "Died by the visitation of God" was  returned.