This Company will appear for the first time in the  Maryport Athenaeum
next Thursday night, and five following days. This  entertainment has a world
wide repute, having earned the greatest laudations  from English and American
press. Recently in the free Trade Hall, Manchester,  they appeared for 48 times,
and the Examiner and Times, thus eulogised the  entertainment:

   "Mr. BULLOCK, with his well travelled Marionettes,  re-opened yesterday a
very successful engagement in the Free Trade Hall. At both  morning and
evening representations the room was crowded to excess. There are  clever
manipulators, and the interest never flags. A strong company supplies the  vocal and
instrumental help and the songs and choruses are excellently given,  and the
figures suit their actions to the words in the most life like fashion.  The
entertainment is both comic and serious, but especially comic. The pantomime  in
twelve scenes is well mounted and equally well played, and the  transformations
scene forms a very pretty spectacle indeed."

   The Evening Mail also thus critically expressed  it's opinion:

   "One of the most amusing entertainments in town. We  can testify to the
thoroughly excellent character of the performance. Everything  in connection
with this exhibition is excellently managed, and holiday makers  would do well
to visit."

   It will be seen from advertisement also, that the  Aspatrians all have a
three days visit from this show on March 13th, 14th, and  15th.