The summer heat is responsible for many eruptions and scaly sores disfiguring the skin.  A curious case is that of MR. FRED BOUCHER, living at 51, Fountain Terrace, Carter Street, Uttexeter, Staffs., who got covered with red itching spots, which only the application of Zam-Buk was able to cure.  MR. BOUCHER said, -
    "I  began to be troubled with an eruption, in the form of red spots, which came out on all parts of the body, spread to different sizes, and were covered with a dry crust.    They were not sore except when the crust fell away, but the acute itching sensation was most irritating.  I had never had a doctor in my life up to this stage, but in consequence of these spots I had to consult a medical gentleman, who gave me ointment to rub on the sores and medicine to take for the blood.  The doctor, told me the eruption was due to the state of my blood.  I had had no illness or ailment since the measles when I was very young.  At the time I consulted a doctor my limbs and body were covered with the red spots, which varied in size, from small blotches to marks some of which were the size of the palm of one's hand.  In addition to using the ordinary ointment and taking the medicine, I had to have a special bath each night, so as to wash away the crust-like growths, in order that the ointment might have better effect on the body.    This treatment proving useless. I decided to try Zam-Buk, which I had heard well spoken of.  I tried it upon my arms, which were smothered with spots.  I noticed the spots disappearing and I used one small box, and when that was finished, we sent for a larger size.  You could see a decided improvement after I had used Zam-Buk the first week, and since then I have continued to apply the balm, which has ended the spots entirely."
Zam-Buk keeps the skin clear and healthy in summer time, prevents or cures heat rash, heat swellings, boils, blackheads, sunburn, freckles, insect bites, chafing, sore heads, running sores, eczema, pimples, ulcers, piles, bad legs, cramp. stiffness, sprains,, cuts, bruises, burns, scalds, and festering sores.
Price 1/1-1/2 per box, or 2/9 for large family size (2/9 box contains nearly four times the 1/1-1/2);   of all chemists, or direct from the Zam-Buk Co., 4, Red Cross-street, London, E.C.