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At Workington, yesterday, JACOB FEARON, (27), coalminer, 3, Mill Street, Kells, Whitehaven, was charged with having driven a motor cycle in a manner dangerous to the public, at Northside, Workington, on December 25th.
Defendant pleaded not guilty.
GEORGE CRELLING, overman, 85, Senhouse Street, Siddick, said that at 2-15 p.m. on Christmas Day, he was cycling from Workington to Siddick.  As he was crossing the New Bridge, he put on his brakes, as there were some children at the bottom on the hill.  He was near the wall at the left hand side.  When he got round the corner, he found there was a motor cycle on the same side as himself, almost on top of him.
He was coming from Maryport direction.  The man riding the motor cycle shouted to him to cross the road, but witness had no time to make up his mind, so he kept on the same side.  The motor cycle struck him, and he was hurt, and his bicycle was damaged.  There was a lady riding on the pillion of defendant's motor cycle.
Witness asked for defendant's name, but he did not get it.  Defendant said he would not do anything, but the young lady said "We have done wrong.  Pay the man the damages."
The man then went away.  Defendant returned to Northside later, and gave a note to a young lady asking witness to meet him at Workington.
Witness met him, and agreed to accept £2 for damage to his clothes, and £1 for damage to his cycle.  He received 10s as an instalment.
FRANK HARPER, plumber, 3, Back Row, Northside, said he was standing at the junction of the New Bridge and the main road.  He saw CRELLING on a bicycle and defendant on a motor cycle.  CRELLING passed him on the left-hand side.  The motor cycle was coming towards him, and a collision occurred about five or six feet off the wall on the low side.  In witness's opinion, the collision was caused by the motor cycle being on the wrong side of the road.  He heard no horn, and thought defendant was travelling at about 12 miles an hour.
GRACE FELL, laundry worker, 100, Back Row, Northside, and FRED BRAGG, 82, Back Row, miner, also gave evidence.
P.C. ROBSON said CRELLING gave him the number of defendant's motor cycle, and witness ascertained that it belonged to FEARON.  He saw defendant at Whitehaven, and when charged, he said "He ran into my front wheel".  Witness had measured the road, which was 27 feet wide.
Defendant said he blew his horn, and at this point CRELLING ran sideways into him, on defendant's left hand side.  He was travelling at about ten miles an hour.
He was fined £2, including costs.