On Sale, Six YOUNG PIGS, Twelve Weeks Old. - DUNN, Middleton Place, Bootle.
THREE Well Bred COCKER PUPS, for Sale. - BUNKER, Meadow View, Gosforth.
BIG, Heavy, Useful Carts or Wagon HORSE for Sale. - BATEMAN, Town End, Seascale.
FOR SALE, Black and White COCKER PUP, Cheap - HOWARTH, Ehenside, Braystones.
GOOD CUMBERLAND GILT, Pedigreed;  Due February. - HEWITSON, Santon Bridge, Holmrook.
FOR SALE, Smart SHETLAND PONY, Accustomed to Children and very Quiet. - Box 1428.  "News" office.
2 PEDIGREE Large Black BOARS;  Parents Big Winners;  18 and 24 months old. - SUTCLIFFE, Broughton-in-Furness.
FOR SALE, Pedigree Roan COCKER SPANIEL (Dog).  Ready for Breaking.  - SINGLETON, 36, Holly Terrace, Hensingham.
POWERFUL CLYDESDALE MARE (Barren) for Sale; 8 Years, Quiet and Right Farm Work. - GRICE, Old Hyton, Bootle, Cumberland.
GOOD COOKING APPLES. 1/6 per Stone.  C. GAITSKELL, Hall Santon, Holmrook.