FOR SALE, Few Brown Leghorn COCKERELS, - BARWISE, Yeorton.
FOR SALE, Six Rhode Island Red COCKERELS. - TYSON, Bridge Petton, Gosforth, Cumberland.
WHITE LEGHORN COCKERELS, Pyne's Special Pen;  10/ each. - C. GAITSKELL, Hall Santon, Holmrook.
FOR SALE, Sectional HEN-HOUSE, 8 ft. by 6 ft. Wide;  also Six Rhode I.R. HENS;  Laying. - J. RIGG, Hill House, Holmrook.
FOR SALE, Six Brown Leghorn COCKERELS, Grand Birds, from Splendid Laying Strain;  10/6 each.  JACKSON, Charles-ground, Corney.
HOUDAN COCKERELS, Grand Stock Birds; 12/ - .   Wanted, NANNY, about due;  state particulars.  NEWBY, Thompsteads, Broughton-in-Furness.
FOR SALE, Large Mammoth Bronze TURKEY COCKEREL, 30/-;  also 3 Pure Bred White Leghorn COCKERELS.  Smart Birds;  Will Barron's Direct; 7/-each.  POOLE, Low Mill, Egremont.
FOR SALE, Quick Disposal, Two Pens of Black Leghorn HENS (10 each Pen), Good Breeding Pens;  Best Utility Strains.  Rooster 2nd Season Bird, Solomon Strain.  Also 6 PULLETS, Laying;  42-egg INCUBATOR (Gloucester), in Good Order;  and Silver Hen Brooder, almost New.  - Apply, WILSON, 3, Cross Side;  or, after Saturday, 16, North-road, Egremong.
From Grand Winter Layers,
5/- Dozen.
KERR, 16, Foxhouses Road, Whitehaven.