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WANTED, Strong GIRL, able to Milk - Goad, Scalegill Hall.
WANTED, a Strong LAD, about 16 or 17. - Tyson, Paddockwray, Boot.
STRONG LAD Wanted, 16 to 17;  Good Milker. - Sherwen, How, Seascale.
WANTED, YOUNG LAD, about 15. - Quayle, Hall Bolton, Gosforth.
STRONG GIRL, Wanted for Farm-House. - MRS. W. BOADLE, Keekle Bank.
WANTED, Strong LAD 17, Good Milker Preferred. - Dixon, Petton, Gosforth.
WANTED, Strong LAD, for Farm Work; able to Plough. - Southward, Bravstones.
WANTED, a Strong, Tidy GIRL, for Farm-house - Birkett, Wha House, Boot, S.O.