The committee met at the Infirmary Boardroom on Thursday last, when the arrangements of the whist drive in aid of the expenses fund of a special exhibition match on May 8th were completed.  It was decided that as Cleator Moor Celtie B. team had not played on the appointed date, the tie be awarded to Pica.  It also agreed that the competition be drawn through to the final.  The draw for the first round to be played on January 27th resulted: --
A.--Egremont A. v. Harrington B.
B.--Hensingham v. Moor Row A.
C.--St. Bees v. Lowca.
D.--Frizington Athletic v. Pica.
E.--Kells A. v. Arlecdon.
F.--Bowthorn A. v. Egremont B.
G.--Parton v. Moresby A.
H.--Beckermet B. v. Moor Row B.
J.--Beckermet A. v. Whitehaven Recreation.
K.--Frizington Har. v. Whitehaven Police.
Byes:  Harrington, Distington, Whitehaven Athletic, Harrington Y.M.C.A., Cleator Moor Celtic and Wath Brow.
Draw for the second round to be played on February 10th:--
L.--Whitehaven Athletic v. A.
M.--F. v. Cleator Moor Celtic.
N.--B. v. H.
O.--D. v. Harrington A.
P.--Harrington Y.M.C.A. v. E.
Q.--C. v. J.
R.--K. v. Wath Brow.
S.--G. v. Distington.
Third round to be played on March 3rd.
1.  Winner of L. v. winner of O.
2.  Winner of S. v. winner of P.
3.  Winner of N. v. winner of Q.
4.  Winner of M. v. winner of R.
Draw for the semi-finals: -
Winner of 1 v. 4. March 17th.
Winner of 3 v. 2. April 7th.
Final, April 21st.