Seaton were the visitors to Bradbury Avenue on Saturday when with a high wind and vey muddy ground conditions were all against good football.  After a long absence, TOM STANGER turned out at his old position as scrum half and played a great game, keeping his opponents guessing.  Brookland played with resolution and dash and had much the better of matters, Seaton being handicapped by having their hooker, LAYBOURNE, sent off for scrummage infringements.
In the first half the local team were completely the masters of the visitors.  STARKIE kicked a couple of penalty goals for Brookland, and later COULTHARD scored a fine try, planting the ball behind the posts.  STARKIE had no difficulty in converting.  STARKIE added another penalty, and the teams crossed over with Brookland leading by 11 pts. to nil.
In the second period Brookland continued to have the better of matters, and REED intercepting, scored after a run half the length of the field;  a fine effort that elicited warm applause.
STARKIE failed at the goal kick;  but subsequently scored with a penalty kick, while MORRISON put a penalty kick over for Seaton.  Result:  Brookland Rovers, 5 goals, 2 tries (16 pts.);  Seaton, 1 goal (2 pts.)