Playing a man short and without such stalwarts as BLAYLOCK and ALEXANDER, Whitehaven were beaten at home on Saturday by the Millom fifteen, which has made rapid strides since its formation only a few months back.  The ground was a perfect quagmire, consequently few passing movements of note were witnessed and these usually came from the Millom backs who adapted themselves better to the muddy conditions than their opponents.
The forward short also had its effect in the "scrums" where Whitehaven were beaten for possession.  Millom played with the wind in the first half, and as a result were seldom out of Whitehaven territory.  However, they met a strong defence and were unable to score although JAMES once was only inches short of the line.
On the other hand, a brilliant dribble on the part of SEWELL, the Whitehaven winger, who has now turned forward, almost resulted in the capitulation of the Millom defence.
After taking the ball practically the length of the field, SEWELL was dispossessed only three yards from his objective.  WILSON was also prominent for Whitehaven in this half.
The second half found a reversal of the first half order of events.  Whitehaven were the aggressive force until near the end when Millom rallied well.  Prior to this in a raid Millom scored the only points of the game.  The movement was initiated by POOLE, a sturdy and clever half-back, and finally KNOWLES accepted an inside pass and scored.
MOOR converted with a fine kick.  Later, WILSON had an unsuccessful penalty kick at goal for Whitehaven, for whom RICHARDSON, KNOWLES, and SEWELL were prominent forwards in the loose.  The Millon full-back (KNOWLES) and POOLE were outstanding players in the Millon team.
Result "  MILLOM, 1 goal (5 pts)   WHITEHAVEN, nil.