Egremont journeyed to Barrow to meet Furness in their return match, on Saturday.  It was a miserable day for football, and the prevailing conditions were against good football.  Egremont lost the toss and had to play against the wind.  From the commencement, Egremont had the advantage, and soon made their weight felt, although they were short of three regular forwards and a half back.
Before the ball got greasy, Egremont opened out the game, and L. COOK was prominent, and a try seemed certain, but he passed to his brother, who was tackled before he could cross the line.  From a "scrum", WALKER, the home centre, cleared with a long kick.  For a time play was of a very even nature, until Furness were awarded a free kick in an easy position, which WALKER improved.
The ball was not very greasy, and the ground sodden, but Egremont adapted themselves better to the treacherous ground and and had command of the "scrums".   From a line out DAVIDSON seemed, and was, almost over, being pushed into touch.  A few minutes later CRONIN got over.  The scores were level at half time.
On resuming, Egremont penned the Furness team in their own "25".  There were only two occasions when the home team crossed the half-way line.  BOOTH, who was playing forward, scored Egremont's second try, and later CRONIN forced himself over for a third try by sheer strength.  This point was improved upon by ADAMS. 
Considering the day, it was a good game.  Furness have greatly improved since their last game at Egremont.  CARRUTHERS was splendid at half, and was greatly assisted by WALKER and OSBORNE.  Weight in the "scrums" won the game.
Result - Egremont, 11 pts.  Furness 3 pts.
Referee,  MR. HORNE, Barrow.