On Sunday, Mr. King LAMBERT, Evangelisation Society missioner, brought his services to a close. The mission has been most successful. The evening service was preceded by an open air meeting, which was assisted by the village brass band, which, under the leadership of Mr. J. ARMSTRONG, paraded the village and played a selection of sacred music.
 The church was filled. A powerful address was given by Mr. LAMBERT from the words “Without Christ.” He referred to the kindness he had received whilst he had been amongst them and promised to pay a return visit next year.
 During the service the choir rendered in good style the anthem, “The Earth is the Lord’s,” under the leadership of Mr. Geo. WADE. Mr. KYLES presided at the organ. The singing was assisted by an orchestra consisting of:-
First violin, Mr. Jos. H. GAMBLES
Bass, Mr. Y. GIBB
2nd Violin, Mr. DIXON
2nd violin, Mr. WILLIAMSON.
 Mr. TAYLOR thanked the two bands on behalf of  the stewards for the splendid service they had rendered. The collections during the mission were devoted to the mission society.