On Friday last, two concerts were given in the afternoon and at night by the band of the Coldstream Guards, in the Oddfellows Hall, Whitehaven. Mr. J. P. JOHNSON, of Kendal, deserves the thanks and support of the public for the series of treats he has afforded them in bringing such splendid talent. The attendance at the concert in the afternoon was anything but satisfactory, but in the evening the hall was well filled and the audience enjoyed a rare treat. Miss. Jeanie ALLESTER, contralto, a sweet singer with a good voice, and Mr. Frederick DALE, musical sketch artiste and society entertainer, assisted at both concerts, and varied the programme in a very pleasing manner. In regard to the performance of the band, it was admitted on all hands that nothing to equal it had ever before been heard in Whitehaven.

 Mr. J. P. JOHNSON’s next special concert has been fixed for Whitehaven for Thursday, November 13th, when the eminent Prima Donna, Madame Louise SOBRINO (already engaged for the Cumberland Festival) of the Royal Opera, will be supported by the following strong party of celebrated artistes: -
Miss. Edna THORNTON, the new contralto
Mr. Joseph O’MARA, tenor of the Royal Opera, London
Mr. Denham PRICE, the popular Irish baritone
Miss. Natalie JANOTHA, Court pianist to H.I.M., the Emperor of Germany.
Miss. Nadia SYLVA, solo violinist, who appeared with such success at the Meister Glee Singers’ Concert at Whitehaven.
M. PARLOVITZ, accompanist, the Polish pianist.
Madame Liza LEHMANN’s Daisy Chain will be included in the programme. No doubt a record house in Whitehaven will result.