On Friday morning a fire broke out at Eskett, near Frizington. The fire was discovered soon after nine a.m. at the outbuildings of Mr. A. D. SPEDDING, and in close proximity to the residence of Mr. TROHEAR and Mr. E. DIXON’s farm at Eskett.
 Mr. E. DIXON quickly mounted a horse and made with all speed for Frizington, in order to obtain the services of the Frizington Fire Brigade, In the meantime every effort was made with buckets of water to extinguish the fire, which by this time had made considerable progress, the strong wind which was blowing helping to spread the fire.
 Shortly after the arrival of Mr. DIXON, about ten a.m., the fire engine was brought out, but some time elapsed before they got set off for the farm. Lengths of hose were obtained at Arlecdon and elsewhere, and the members of the fire brigade, who had been quickly summoned, made with all speed to Eskett.
 A large quantity of hay was destroyed, but eventually the fire was got under, and the fire engine returned to Frizington shortly after four p.m. It is impossible to give a list of all those who assisted in extinguishing the fire. The hay, we understand, is the property of Mr. SPEDDING, of Salter Hall. It is not known how the fire originated. The hay, we understand, is insured.