On Saturday forenoon Jane Eleanor JEFFREY, aged one year and nine months, residing with her parents, Charles and Eleanor JEFFREY, of Croft Terrace, Cleator, was accidentally killed on the main road within a few yards of her home.

 Mr. John MURRAY, baker, Rookfield, Egremont, was driving in the direction of Cleator Moor. When he got to the top of the hill adjoining Ehen Hall the horse began to trot, and when passing croft Terrace the child, which was standing on the parapet at the road side, attempted to cross the road, with the unfortunate result that the little girl was knocked down and the wheel of the bread van passed over her head. Mr. MURRAY at once pulled up, and the child was picked up and taken into the house.

 Dr. STEPHENSON, from the surgery of Dr. BRAITHWAITE, Egremont, who happened to be in the locality, was called in, but the child died almost immediately after the accident.

 The inquest was held in the evening at the Jubilee Schoolroom, Church Street, Cleator, before Mr. Gordon FALCON, coroner, and a jury of which Mr. William KILGOUR was foreman. Charles JEFFREY, father of the deceased, gave evidence of identification.

 Hannah LAMB, Croft Terrace, Cleator, said she saw the child run in front of the bread van driven  by Mr. MURRAY, baker, Egremont.

 John MURRAY, baker, Egremont, said he observed the child standing on the parapet as he was driving in the direction of Cleator Moor. When he got within two or three yards from where the child was standing she ran across the road and was knocked down by the van.

 The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental death.”