The Eskdale foxhounds were located in the dale during two days of last week.
On Friday morning "Laal Tommy" started from the hotel about eight o'clock,
took a drag at the intake at Mosel Bottom, dragged away up Mosel, and put it off
in a crag. It came right down to the bottom of Mosel, turned up by way of Red
Pike, then came down under Black Crag by Door Head, through Stirrup Crag to
the Brock Stone, where it ran into a field. The terriers were put in, and it was
soon worried. It was afterwards dug out, and proved to be a vixen of about
ten pounds weight.


The school treat, annually given by Mrs. TYSON, of the hotel, took place last
Monday. The children assembled at the hotel about two o'clock. The large barn
had been cleared, swings put up, and other provision made for their
amusement, while the meadow adjoining the house was available for those who cared to
indulge in football, cricket, and other outdoor sports.

At four o'clock the children sat down to a substantial tea, Miss. TYSON,
Miss. EDWARDS and Miss. RICHARDSON acting as waiters. In the evening a number of
the parents and dalespeople assembled to witness a magic lantern entertainment
by Mr. John COOK, of Cockermouth. The views were exactly suited to the
audience, comprising natural history, stories, Cousin Charley's Festival, and several
well known hymns were also thrown on the screen, and were heartily sung by
the audience accompanied by Mr. GARLAND on the harmonium. Solos were also given
by Mr. COOK and Miss. Dora GARLAND. The remainder of the evening was spent in
games, several new ones being introduced by Mr. COOK. A most interesting
feature of the evening was some very clever thought reading by Mr. COOK. Articles
were hidden in every possible and unlikely places, and were invariably found by
Mr. COOK blindfolded.

At the conclusion a hearty vote of thanks to Mr. TYSON and Mr. COOK was
proposed by Mr. GARLAND, and was carried with acclamation. Mr. COOK responded, and
after giving the children some excellent advice the proceedings terminated by
singing the National Anthem.