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The winner for the prize this week is

       Reginald Basil GARLAND
                      Wasdale Head

Who will name anything he wants up to the value of 2s 6d., and which will be
forwarded to him by any tradesman he selects who has an advertisement in the
"Gazette." He should send me word at once.

       Uncle Sam.


The following note has been received from last weeks winner:-

Dear Uncle Sam, - I was so delighted to find I had won the prize. Would you
kindly send me an order on Mr. Solomon HINDE, 20 Tangier-street, for a clock
which will serve to remind me of my success and of your kindness every time I
look at it. - Your affectionate nephew,

William Henry GARLAND,
Wasdale Head, Gosforth, Carnforth

January 15th, 1897.


Prize Winner.

"If I Should Win The Prize This Week How Will I Spend It?"

Dear Uncle Sam, - If I were lucky enough to win the prize this week, I should
consider well how I would spend it. A story book is not very much cared for
after it has been read a few times. We look to our parents to buy us clothes,
boots, stockings &c., so I would select something which I might otherwise long
for in vain. I have often wished for a box of mathematical instruments. I am
getting fairly proficient in the use of them, but what I have do not belong to
me and I should like to possess a set of my very own. There might be better
ways of spending the prize, but this plan commends itself to me, as that would
remain when a book has lost its first attraction, when clothes were worn out,
and when toys had ceased to give pleasure.  - Your affectionate nephew.

                   Reginald Basil GARLAND,
                             Wasdale Head.