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Preserve seed of all the kinds of fruit trees which you intend to sow, for raising either stocks or bearing trees.

Continue to make plantations of strawberries - it is yet good time.

If any cucumber frames remain at work, they will now require a new lining of dung and the protection of matting at nigh; the mornings, evenings, and nights are now too cold for the open exposure of cucumbers or melons. Water the plants every fourth day.

The mode of budding recommended in these Memoranda, by making the transverse cut at the bottom of the perpendicular one, has been tried with great success this season, by the writer of this article, not one bud having misgiven.

The stones of perfectly ripe fruit from healthy young fruit trees may now be sown for stocks or bearing-trees.

It is now the best time in all the year to plant cuttings of gooseberries and currants: there are also certain kinds of apple trees that will succeed by this mode of propagation, such as the bur-apple, the Carlisle codlin, the Manx codlin, and some others.

Continue to defend wall-fruit from wasps, flies & birds.

Seedling fruit-trees of two years old may now be transplanted into regular lines, two feet and a half asunder, if they have perfected their shoots of the season; and where those of one year old stand too thick they may be planted in wider beds.