Lately, at Upton, Warren, Worcestershire, the wife of Joseph RICHARDSON, labourer, of four girls, all living.

At Hawick, Roxburghshire, on the 19th inst. Mrs Jane HOPE of a son and daughter, after being 18 years married.



Friday last, at Trinity, Mr Wm. COULTHARD, mate of the ship Richard Walker of Liverpool, to Miss CALLOW, of this town.

Saturday last, at Trinity, Mr Anthony HARRISON, to Miss Sarah ROE, of Catherine-street.

Tuesday last, at Cockermouth, Mr CROSTHWAITE, of Liverpool, to Miss Elizabeth BOWMAN, of the former place.

Monday last, at Carlisle, Mr Robert DOCKERAY, to Miss Bridget STODDERT.

On the 18th inst. At the same place, Mr Wm. HODGSON, to Miss Jane WRIGHT.

On the 19th inst. At the same place, Mr Wm. DONALD, to Miss Mary ARMSTRONG.

The 16th inst. at Trentham, Staffordshire, Lord Viscount BELGRAVE, eldest son of Earl Grosvenor, to Lady Elizabeth Mary Leveson GOWER, youngest daughter of the Marquis of Stafford.


Yesterday, at Moresby, aged 74, Mrs CHURCH, sister of the late Rev Henry NICHOLSON, of Moresby.

Sunday last, at Mount Pleasant, Miss Mary FULLARD, aged 16 years.

At the Deanery, in Carlisle, on the 13th inst, Mr Wm. TATE, aged 82.

Monday sennight, at Bury St Edmund's, Wm. SMITH, Esq. in the 89th year of his age, formerly of Drury-lane Theatre. Mr Smith, from the propriety of his conduct, his mental accomplishments, and the superior grace and elegance of his manners and appearance, was designated by his friends Gentleman Smith.

Lately, at Bath, in the 81st year of her age, Lady BUSK, relict of the late Sir Wadsworth Busk, formerly his Majesty's Attorney-General of the Isle of Man.

Tuesday last, at Huddersfield, of a fit of apoplexy, with which he was seized whilst walking in the street, Mr John STANDISH, printer, in the 22d (sic) year of his age.

Lately, at Edinburgh, Adam ROLAND, of Gask, Esq. advocate and deputy governor of the Bank of Scotland. He has left £15,000 to charitable societies.

On the 1st inst. at the advanced age of 101, Mrs Susannah M'KEE, relict of Mr M'Kee, late of Drumwhey, parish of Newtownards. Her lawful issue were 11 children, 36 grandchildren, 66 great-grand-children, and 10 great-great-grand-children; in all 113. It is worthy of observation, that her mother died at the extraordinary age of 100.

(surely that should be 123?- Liz)