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The trustees of Mr. EDWARD OLIVER'S estate have announced that a dividend of 2s. 6d. in the pound will be paid to the creditors who signed the deed of assignment of the 7th October, 1854, on application, on the 29th instant, at the office of Messrs. HARMOOD, BANNER, and Son, Liverpool.


The liability of a husband to maintain his wife, although she may refuse to live with him, was decided at the Knutsford Quarter Sessions last Tuesday.  The appeal was made on behalf of a man who had been married to a wife for six years, who had refused to live with him since the first year of their marriage, although he had repeatedly offered her a home.  After long arguments by the counsel, and a full hearing of the case, the Court of Quarter Sessions came to the decision that a wife not choosing to reside with her husband can demand a separate maintenance for herself and children.  The case is said to be without precedent.


The total imports of the precious metals last week, including the receipts by the Marco Polo and Mermaid, amounted to about £1,050,000.  The exports, so far as they can be ascertained, were only £365,000, but this does not include the shipments sent to the continent by private hands, and which are understood to have been heavy.  The demands upon the Bank of England were known to have been severe up to Thursday and part of Friday, but some portion of the bullion was for the country, to meet the wants of the provincial banks.


TESTIMONIAL TO GENERAL WINDHAM -- At a numerous meeting of Norfolk magistrates at Norwich, on Friday, a resolution was unanimously agreed, to congratulating Major-general WINDHAM on his escape from the perils incident to the assault on the Great Redan, on the 8th of September last.  The resolution also expressed admiration at the long-enduring gallantry, courage, constancy, self-devotion and self-possession of General WINDHAM, and thanked him for the example he had held out to British soldiers.  The Earl of Albermarle, who seconded the resolution, took a review of the carreer of General WINDHAM in the Crimea, and read complimentary letters addressed to him by Sir W. CODRINGTON and Admiral Sir. E. LYONS.  It was also unanimously agreed that a handsome sword should be presented to the gallant officer.  Captain WINDHAM, R.N. returned thanks on the part of his brother.  A good deal of enthusiasm was manifested towards General WINDHAM, who is a Norfolk family.


The screw steam troop-ship Perseverance, Captain HARRIS, arrived at Spithead on Saturday morning from the westward.  She left Portsmouth on the 25th ult. for Havre de Grace, where she embarked about 200 Russian prisoners (officers and men); she then proceeded to Plymouth, and embarked a similar number there; thence proceeding to Sheerness, where she took in a like number.  She conveyed the whole to Libau, in the Baltic, where on arrival, she sent in a flag of truce, which was acknowledged by a military officer putting off in a boat.  Communications having been thus opened, the prisoners were sent ashore in boats.  They e***ced the kindest feeling and gratitude towards the officers and crew of the ship, and cheered them on quitting her.  The returns for the liberation of a corresponding number of English and French prisoners of war are to be sent by the Russian Government to Odessa.  The Perseverance left Libau for Elsinore, where she replenished her stock of coal, and proceeded to Heligoland, where she embarked 350 of the British German Legion, whom she landed at Folkestone on Friday moring, and then made for Spithead, where she arrived on Saturday morning.


A vacancy follows in the representation of Hereford by the bankruptcy of the Whig M.P. Sir Robert PRICE, Bart., iron-merchant, whose name appeared in the Gazette of Friday last.


ADVANCE IN PRICE OF FLOUR AND BREAD -- The dealers of Dumfries and neighbourhood have this week raised the price of fine flour to 64s. per sack for the best quality; and yesterday the bakers raised the price of bread 1d per 4 lbs.  The 4 lb. loaf is now sold at 10-1/2d. ready money and 11d. credit. -- Dumfires Courier


FOX-HUNTING --The Dumfriesshire hounds met, for the first time this season, on the 10th inst., at Beeswing.  There was a good turn-out, including some of the sporting farmers of the neighbourhood.  A fox was very speedy found near Lotus, who made off at a rapid pace towards the hills, over some of the roughest ground in the Stewarty; notwithstanding which both the hounds and sportsment kept well up with him for some time.  On reaching Kinharvey a deer crossed the trail, and was followed by the pack.  Before they could be recalled, Reynard succeeded in evading his pursuers; for this time at least, not much the worse for his scamper.


DUMFRIES MILITIA -- The following appointment appears: --Commission signed by the Lord Lieutenant of the County of Roxburgh. -- Dumfries, Roxburgh, and Selkirk Regiment of Militia --CAMPBELL RAILAND BEDFORD, Esq., to be Captain, vice KERR, resigned.