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SINGULAR ACCIDENT - An inquest was held at Kendal, on Thursday last, before R. WILSON, Esq., coroner, on the body of THOMAS DAWSON, a child, who met with his death as follows: - JANE MACGUIRE, of Kendal, dressmaker, deposed that she was in the house of deceased's father on Saturday night last, a little before 7 o'clock.  Mrs. DAWSON, the mother of the deceased, was preparing to wash him, and had poured out some hot water into a washing pot placed on the floor.  The deceased was at that time near the door, and he bounced backwards and fell headlong into the hot water.  Witness instantly lifted him out; he had not been in a moment.  His body was immersed to the shoulders.  On the clothes being removed, it was found that he was scalded along each side, and on his thighs.  The skin came off his back with the cloth.  Mr. GREEN, surgeon, was called in, and attended deceased unti he died on Sunday morning about half-past ten o'clock.  He was about 2 years of age.  Verdict, Accidental Death.