SPRINGFIELD, GRETNA. - The name of this village must be a sad misnomer when it is taken into consideration that the nearest supply of water to it is almost a mile off, consequently the villagers are very scantily supplied with that essential element.  However, to secure pure water, they have lately entered into a very liberal subscription.  The money has already been expended in renovating and repairing the wells, which will so far prove beneficial; but the difficulty with regard to distance is as great as ever, and cannot be easily overcome, as the co-operation of the proprietor is wanted, and possibly may not be obtained, judging from past experience.  And even the Sanitary Board, in their stringent endeavours to introduce cleanliness, overlooked the introduction of water, the most necessary agent, or of suggesting any plan for that purpose, but contented themselves by compelling the feuers to gravel the back streets and pave the sewers, an improvement concealed from the observation of the passer-by, while the proprietor was allowed to go scot free with regard to the front, and the villagers to remain in a state of puddle.