INSULT TO THE QUEEN - It appears that there is a band of red Republicans and infidel Socialists located in Jersey, who have for some time published a newspaper called "L'Homme" in which the most atrocious doctrines, even to assassination and regicide, have been unequivocally expressed.  Not content, however, with sweeping denunciations of monarchy in general, and instigations to the murder of the individuals in particular, one of the leading writers for this infamous paper, after availing himself of the protection of the British Crown, did not hesitate to write a most flagrant libel upon Queen Victoria, the purity of whose life and the dignity of whose manners have won for her the unqualified admiration of the virtuous and the intelligent in every land.  Yet, this monster, abetted by his compatriots, has dared to insinuate that our beloved Queen lost all sense of modesty, and every vestige of self-esteem, by her visit to the Emperor and Empress of the French.  We are heartily glad that the inhabitants of Jersey have nobly vindicated their loyalty and patriotism by banishing from amongst them individuals who have so grossly abused the hospitality of British subjects, and we trust that the people of London will show with equal determination that the appeal which is now being made to their sympathies by these misguided and mischievous men is only deserving of unmitigated contempt and abhorrence.