Morning - Service - Nares in F.
           - Anthem - "O Lord my God." Malan
Evening - Service - Russell in A.
           - Anthem - "Behold now praise the Lord." - Rogers


WEYHILL GREAT SHEEP FAIR --  At this great annual fair from 130,000 to 150,000 head of stock were penned for sale.  Some fine lambs realised over 44s. each.  Ewes were in good demand and quoted at from 32s. to 44s.  The demand for rams was flat.  Business was concluded at an earlier hour than usual, and at 1 o'clock the appearance of the pens showed they were nearly all sold.


On Sunday an express train ran into a cattle train on the Lyons railway.  16 cattle drovers were killed, three dangerously wounded.


RESIGNATION OF THE MARINE SURVEYOR AT LIVERPOOL --- At the meeting of the Dock Committee yesterday, just after the reporters retired, Lieutenant LORD announced that the state of his health would no longer admit of his undertaking the surveying department, which at present forms a very material portion of the whole of his official duties.  At the same time he has expressed his willingness to undertake the duties of his office on shore; but in the event of his services being retained, he should require his present salary of £600 per annum to be increased.  In the event of this proposal not being agreed to by the committee, Lieutenant LORD intimated that he merely held his office until his successor was appointed.  The consideration of the subject was referred to the Marine Surveyors' Committee, with the understanding that the salary was not to be increased above its present amount-£600 per annum.----Liverpool Mercury


The disputed hurdle race at the Catterick Bridge meeting has been decided by Admiral ROUS in favour of Mr. HUTCHINSON's Monckton, Maid of the Mill having been wrongly nominated.


GREAT BILLIARD MATCH for £200 ASIDE ---  The match between JOHN ROBERTS, of this city, and STARKE, the American, 3,000 up, English game, STARKE receiving 1,500 points, commenced on Friday evening last, at thirty-five minutes past five, at Saville House, Leicester-square, London, and terminated at four o'clock on Saturday morning.  The large exhibition room, which was engaged for the occasion, was numerously attended by spectators, notwithstanding that the price of admisssion ranged from 7s. 6d. to 15 s.  A new table was fitted up for the purpose by Messrs. BURROUGHES and WATTS.  The result of the game, was in favour of the American by 199.
During the whole game, the coolness of ROBERTS and the style of his playing were much admired.  In one instance he scored 164 off the balls; and, although he has suffered defeat, he is prodigy in the billiard world.  As far as our idea goes of the relative merits of the two players, having had an oportunity of witnessing the play of both in previous matches, we have been of opinion ever since the match was made that ROBERTS had undertaken more than he could accomplish.---Manchester Guardian


An expedition is about to start from Sydney to explore the interior of the Australian continent, under the auspices of Mr. GREGORY.