(Before J.P. SENHOUSE, R. RITSON, and W. OSTLE, Esqs.)

JOHN HOLLIDAY, of Greengill, JAMES WARD, and CORNELIUS PURDY, both of Ellenborough, all carters, were each fined 10s. and costs, for neglecting their horses and carts on the turnpike road, between Maryport and Cockermouth.

JAMES GRAHAM, of Little Broughton, was fined 5s. and costs for a similar offence.

PETER RODGERS, of Ellenborough, was committed to take his trial at the Sessions, for feloniously stealing a goose, the property of JAMES GIBSON, of Ellenborough.


(Before GEO. HARRISON, Esq., (chairman), and J. SPENCER, Esp.)

THEFTS --Wm. CARRUTHERS, who was charged with stealing a brass pan, the property of Mr. JOSEPH LONGMIRE, of Queen-street, was committed, under the new act, to two month's labour in Carlisle gaol.  CHRISTOPHER McGOWAN, a young sailor, was charged with stealing a jacket and waistcoat, the property of CHARLES FREDERICKSON, and was also committed to hard labour in Carlisle gaol for two months; and JANE GRAVES, a young girl, against whom there were two charges of stealing some shirts and sheets, which had been washed and hung out to dry, the property of JANE FERGUSON, and others.  The shirts were pledged by the prisoner at a pawnbroker's for 1s. 6d.  Committed to Carlisle gaol for three months.

CRIMINAL ASSAULT -- An aged person, almost blind, named ARTHUR McMULLEN, who lives at Mount Pleasant, and is an out-door pauper of the Whitehaven Union, was charged with assaulting a lttle girl named JANE ADAIR, about nine years of age, with intent, &c.  The hoary-headed offender was sentenced to three months' imprisonment in Carlisle gaol, with hard labour.