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" I see in this world, " said a good man, " two heaps - of human happiness, and human misery;  now, if I can take the smallest bit from one heap, and add it to the other, I carry a point.
If, as I go home, a child has dropped a halfpenny, and if by giving it another, I wipe away its tears, I feel I have done something. 
I shall be glad to do greater things, but I will not neglect this. "
" Beauty, " says LORD KAIMES, " is a dangerous property, tending to corrupt the mind of a wife, though it soon loses its influence over the husband.  A figure, agreeable and engaging, which inspires affection without the ebriety of love, is a much safer choice.
The graces do not lose their influence like beauty.  At the end of thirty, forty, nay, fifty years, a virtuous woman who makes an agreeable wife, charms her busband more than at first.
The comparison of love to fire holds good in one respect ---  that the fiercer it burns, the sooner it is extinguished. "
A never-failing Remedy for the Cure of Bad Legs.  MRS. FIELD of No. 11, Naylor-street, Liverpool, was afflicted for many years with a dreadfully bad leg;  she consulted several eminent surgeons and tried almost every remedy, but without experiencing the slightest relief, as the wounds continued to increase in size, and the pain in the leg was most excruciating.
At last she was persuaded by MR. SHELDON, druggist, Vauxhall-road, Liverpool, to try HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT and PILLS, which she did, continuing to use them regularly for a few weeks, and, to the astonishment of herself and friends, these invaluable medicines effected a perfect cure of her leg.
(from the 'Edinburgh Gazette' of Tuesday, Oct. 23)
WILLIAM FINDLAY JOHNSTONE, shipowner, and trading in the river carriage of goods and passengers in Glasgow.
JAMES LEITCH LANG, writer, share dealer, and share broker, and underwriter in Glasgow.
From the LONDON GAZETTE of Tuesday, Oct. 23
FREDERICK LITTLER, High Street, Shadwell, and Gibson Street, Lambeth, oilman
GEORGE WHIFFIN BRADBEE, Sen., and GEORGE WHIFFIN BRADBEE, Jun., Newgate Street, fringe manufacturers
ALEXANDER JOHN LESLIE, Berne Bay and Conduit Street, Hanover Square, coal merchant
EBENEZER LAWRANCE, East Barnet, Herts., builder
JOHN MALLIN, Rewley Regis, miller
THOMAS EDWARDS, Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, grocer
THOMAS FURNEAUX, Honywill, Torquay, ironmonger
JONOTHAN OGDEN, Liverpool, tailor
JAMES HUNTER, Burscough, Lancashire, shipwright.