THE INJURY SUSTAINED BY THE TURNIP CROPS must ultimately be felt severely.  Throughout the eastern and home counties, a failure will be found to exist greater than has happened for many years.  First came a deficiency or total destruction of plant by the fly;  then drought and mildew, accompanied by smother-fly (aphides), succeeded;  and in many localities, the leaves have become withered and dried up so entirely that scacely any vegetation is now apparent.
    We are speaking of the Swedish variety;  but the common or white turnips are little better.  What with failure of plant, excess of drought, black caterpillar, and fingers and toes, besides other pests, consisting of grubs in the crowns and at the roots, the injury is general, and the crop, upon the whole, worse than we have witnessed for many years past;  and, whether in our gardens or fields, the entire 'brassica' tribe has failed beyond a precedent.
Fortunately, the mangold wurzel is more extensively grown than usual;  and, owing to the prevalence of exceedingly fine weather in the spring months and at the present time, it promises to become a most abundant crop.
The potatoes also became rather generally attacked with disease;  but, fortunately, very few of the bulbs have become affected;  and the crop, upon the whole, may be pronounced a good one. - 'Mark Lane Express'.

OXFORD, OCT. 23. - An election of a member of the Professional section in the Hebdomadal Council, to supply the place of PROFESSOR DONKIN (resigned on account of ill health), took place this day between the hours of 3 and 4.  The Convocation was attended by almost all the senior and a fair proportion of the junior members of Congregation;  and at the conclusion of the voting, the following was the result declared: ... 
For PROFESSOR PRICE....................................59
For DR. MACBRIDE............................................50
For DR. JACOBSON...........................................34
The Vice Chancellor then announced that MR. PRICE was duly elected.
INTEREST ON EXCHEQUER BILLS - The 'Gazette' contains an official notice, announcing that Exchequer Bills, dated in December, 1854, March, June, and August, 1855, shall, on and after the 25th October, bear an interest of 2-1/2 d. per cent. per day.
THE FOREIGN CORN TRADE - The 'Gazette' contains a Board of Trade notice, reporting the following increase of duty at Galatz on grain exported from Wallachia: - Wheat raised to 1s 4d per quarter,  Indian corn to 8d per quarter,  and barley to 5d per quarter.  The prohibition to export corn and barley from Algeria is continued until the 31st December, 1856.
THE DIRECTORS OF THE BANK OF ENGLAND have raised the discount to six per cent. on sixty-day bills, and to seven per cent, on bills not exceeding ninety-five days to run.
A FEW DAYS AGO a cow suddenly entered the house of MR. MASKELENE, surgeon, of Hereford.  The entrance was made by the front door, and the animal proceeded to the drawing-room, where MRS. MASKELYNE was sitting:  upon seeing the strange visitor, MRS. MASKELYNE gave so violent a scream, that the cow took a daring leap throw a large bow-window, carrying away the glass, and the whole of the frame and appendages.