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DEATH OF MR. FREDERICK LUCAS, M.P. - This gentleman died on Tuesday afternoon, at the residence of his mother-in-law, MRS. ASHBY, at Staines.  He was the elder son of MR. SAMUEL LUCAS, a worthy member of the Society of Friends, formerly of Crohan, near Croydon, now of Brighton.  He was called to the Bar of the Middle Temple in Easter Term 1838, and in the following year became a member of the Roman Catholic Church.
    He took an active part in the proceedings of the Catholic Insitute, and started the 'Tablet' newspaper in London, in 1840, for the purpose of disseminating the most ultra-montane doctrines of his Church.  He also was a frequent contributor to the pages of the 'Dublin Review'.  In 1849 he removed the 'Tablet' to Dublin, and has continued to conduct it there since that time.
He was also one of the secretaries of the Irish Tenant League during the brief period of its existence.  In 1852 he was elected, through the influence of the Roman Catholic priesthood as member for the county of Meath, in the place of MR. HENRY GRATTAN, who had represented it for many years.
    He had lived a life of political and religious strife;  and having advocated in the 'Tablet' the right of the Irish priesthood to interfere in politics, and being rebuked by the Irish Roman Catholic bishops, he went to Rome, early in the present year, to prosecute his appeal against DR. CULLEN's decision.  The appeal was decided against him, and the result was the entire prostration of MR. LUCAS's physical system, and his premature death at the early age of 43.
He was the brother-in-law of MR. JOHN BRIGHT, M.P., for Manchester.  He leaves behind a widow, the daughter of the late MR. WILLIAM ASHBY, of Staines, and an only daughter.