Two exceedingly clever young ladies, calling themselves SOPHIA and ANNIE, have this week brought large audiences to the Theatre to witness the performances of a petite drama, in which they sustain the entire 'dramatis personae'. 
These youthful actresses possess undoubted talent, varied in a remarkable degree, and partaking of the bouyant and brilliant character which used to distinguish the early performances of the elder MATTHEWS, in his monopolilogues.
The number of transmutations the sisters SOPHIA and ANNIE undergo in the course of the performance, is astonishing, but neither the physical labour of the changes, nor the constant delivery of the dialogue, crowded with pointed allusions, and interspersed with songs, seem to check their exertions, or depress their own enjoyment for an instant.
With a text witty, dramatic, droll, satirical, and occasionally inculcating moralities of a sound practical character, united to their own lively genius, they appear to please all and charm many.
In consequence of the illness of SOPHIA, the performances will not be renewed until Monday..............'Norwich Mercury", Oct. 20.
[Our readers will remember the subjects of this notice as the young ladies introduced to Carlisle audiences with so much success by MR. DALY early in the present year.  We understand that they will shortly pay another visit to this town under the same auspices. ---- Ed. C.P.]