The monthly inspection of this battery took place on Wednesday evening last, in the old schoolroom, Green Row, near Silloth. Captain CRABB was in command, and Major DERRIMAN, adjutant of the 1st Cumberland Artillery Volunteers, was the inspecting officer.
     There were present on parade about 40 rank and file, 5 sergeants, and 15 bandsmen; total 60. The men were out through ordinary usual manual exercises by Major DERRIMAN and Sergeant-Instructor JOHNSTON, and at the close the Major expressed himself highly satisfied with the creditable manner in which the drill had been performed, showing a decided improvement upon his last visit.
     On this occasion the brass band, under the leadership of band sergeant GOUGE, appeared on parade for the first time with their new instruments and uniforms.
     At the close of the drill the battery headed by the band playing lively airs, marched from the drill room to Silloth, where they halted on the green, and were subsequently dismissed.
     A large crowd of interested spectators witnessed the first turn-out of the band. The room for drilling and band practising purposes has been changed this week from the Silloth schoolroom, near Silloth, the former being considered much too small for the purposes named.
     The second church parade in full dress uniform will take place this Sunday morning at Silloth.