Mrs. F. V. DOUGLAS, of New York, delivered a Temperance Lecture in Grasslot Baptist Chapel on Sunday night to a large Congregation.
     Mr. Alfred HINE presided. Mr. HINE said that he had heard Mrs. DOUGLAS' address lectures the week before in Maryport and it afforded him pleasure to be present at this lecture also.
     He spoke of the commercial relations between England and America; and whilst America had sent over many good things few of them were more appreciated than the principles they were about to hear now. He also emphasised the necessity of pledge taking and assured the audience that nothing would please Mrs. DOUGLAS so much as this.
     Mrs. DOUGLAS then delivered her lecture, and for a  full hour held the attention of the audience till the last; and, Sunday night, though it was, she was frequently applauded.
     The lady dealt with various phases of the drink traffic as she has seen it both in her own country and in England, and prophesied that but for this traffic no country would be so prosperous and happy as England. She was very appreciative of English institutions and English Public men.
     In closing, Mrs. DOUGLAS hoped that in the near future the masses would be granted the privilege of Local Option which is the entering wedge to great changes for the better.