In the midst of the turmoil and excitement of the elections of the
Royal Agricultural Society has held it's annual meeting, prosperously and
convivially, at Lewes. Visitors remark, as a good sign, the great show of machinery
at reduced prices, indicating once the activity  of our implement makers and an
increasing demand for such things among the less wealthy farmers. Lord
PALMERSTON was there, and improved the occasion in an appropriate speech.


Potato Culture in Prussia

       Experiments have been made with a system of planting potatoes with an
underlayer of moss; the expected increase  of crop was not attained, but the
potatoes proved unusually sound. As a means of preventing the potato disease a
Government circular recommends the agriculturists to strew on the plants, at
the time when the disease usually appears, quicklime which has been allowed to
fall to powder by exposure to the air, using about six bushels to the acre. In
Wurtemberg some speculators were caught sprinkling the potato fields with
sulphuric acid, in order to excite fear of the disease and raise the price of
their stocks.