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       On Monday, the 5th instant, an accident which might have been 
attended with serious consequences befel Mr. Jonathan SATTERTHWAITE. - a traveller
for Messers. PEARSON & HAMPTON, wholesale grocers, in this town, - who was
accompanied by a son of Mr. HAMPTON's, of the above firm, whilst driving on the
high road between Egremont and Gosforth. The horse which was hired from Mr.
FEARON's of Globe Hotel, Whitehaven, was usually of a quiet and passive temperment,
and one which had been recommended as being well-accustomed to the shafts,
thereby making the occurance of an accident of this description the more
unaccountable-Mr. SATTERTHWAITE being an excellent driver.

       On approaching the vicinity of Gosforth, the horse took fright, and
proceeded at a rapid speed for some distance, when it suddenly stumbled, leaving
the unfortunate occupants of the gig barely possessors of terra firma. The
poor animal received some very severe injuries by the violence of the fall,
which will require judicious management  and care in order to it's future fitness
for use. Mr. HAMPTON's son was slightly bruised, but happily not of a
dangerous nature. Mr. SATTERTHWAITE escaped without any injury-from an accident which
undoubtedly would prove as disagreeable as it was unexpected.