Serious Accident

       On Friday last, the 23rd instant, about a quarter before seven
o'clock, a young man named Henry DAVIS, about 17 years of age, and a seaman on board
the Douro, Captain REID, now lying alongside the Ore Tongue was engaged in the
top-gallant-yard of the above named vessel, when he lost his footing and
descended head foremost, to the deck of the ship, but coming in contact with the
main-top-sail lift, his fall was not only broken, but his body was turned
completely over, and he came upon the edge of the quay, alighting on his feet! By
his fearful descent, the unfortunate young man his left thigh broken, and his
right leg shockingly fractured above the acnkle (sp.) from which the bone
pretruded. A portion of the fractured bone has been removed, by his medical
attendants at the Infirmary, where he now lies, and hopes are entertained of his
ultimate recovery.

       It is somewhat singular, considering the height from which he fell
(upwards of 50 feet) that the young man is neither cut nor bruised on any part of
his body. On looking up to  the immense height from which the ill-fated youth
fell, it would appear quite miraculous that any human body cpould descend
from such a height to the ground without literally being smashed to atoms. DAVIS,
we understand, is a steady, well conducted youth, and had only been about
four months on board the Douro.