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Mark LANE Corn Exchange, July 26th, - We had heavy rain yesterday, and the
weather this morning has rather an unsettled appearance. Harvest work has been
partially commenced, and the reports from the country respecting the appear of
the crops, are generally of a favourable character; there are, however, some
complaints of blight and mildew. The show of Wheat at Mark Lane to-day, by land
carriage samples, from the home counties, was very small, and, though the
millers acted with extreme caution, they were unable to buy cheaper than before;
the terms realized about the same as those current on this day se'nnight.
Foreign wheat was very difficult of disposal, and the turn was decidedly in favour
of the buyer. Flour hung heavily on hand, and foreign was rather cheaper.
Barley could only be placed in lates. Malt was neglected. The oats trade was
dull, on Monday last. Two or three cargoes  have arrived from Arehangel of good
quality, for which 19s per quarter was asked. Beans and peas were each 1s. per
quarter cheaper. New Rape seed was offered at £ 23 to £ 24 per last.



Thursday, (this day)  July 29. - Wheat, 15s to 17s 13 stone; barley , 11s to
11s  6d. 12 stones; oats, 8s 6d. 9 stones; butter lb., 9  1/4d. to 10d.;  eggs
11 for 6d.; potateet, 4  1/2 to 5d. stone.



Monday, July 26. - We had but a moderate supply of grain in our market this
morning, which was sold at the same prices as last week.  Wheat 15s  6d. to
18s  6d; Barley, 11s 6d., to 12s  0d.; Oats 2s  0d., 10s  0d.  Beef 4  1/2 to 6d.
; Veal  4  1/2 d to 6 d.; Mutton, 5d. to 6d; Butter, 8  1/2 to 10d; Eggs, 10 
11. for 6d; Potatoes, 6d. 8d; new do.,  1d to 1s. 2d. per stone; Lamb, 5d;
Salmon Trout,  7d. to  8.  lb.



Saturday, July 24th. - We had a short supply of grain to-day, which was
disposed of as follows: Wheat 17s. 6d. to 18s 6d; Barley, 10s 6d. to 11s  0d.;
Oats, 8s to 8s 6d. Beef,  4d. to 5d; Mutton, 4  1/2d. to 5  1/2 d. ; Veal, 4  1/2
d.  to 5d. ; Lamb,  0d. to 0d.; Butter 10 1/2d. lb. Potatoes, 4d. to 6d. stone
Eggs 10d. for 6d.