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( Formerly of Chester College, and for the last eight years Master of Trinity
School, in this town,)

       Respectfully informs the inhabitants of Whitehaven and it's vicinity,
that he intends to open his Academy in Cross Street, Monday, the 10th of
August, for instruction in the Latin, Greek and English grammar, Composition,
reading with elocution, General history, geography, use of the globes, writing,
arithmetic, book-keeping, geometry, with euclid, measuration, land surveying,
trigonomentry, algebra, mechanics; with elements of physical science, &c., &c.

       N. B. - Lessons on vocal music, and perspective drawing from models
will be given, if required.

       Further particulars with respect to terma, &c., may be known on
application to Mr. PENNINGTON, at Mr. CHISAM's Sail Manufacturer, 4 George Street,
from two to four o'clock, until he opens his academy.

Whitehaven, July 13, 1852