TO BE SOLD in Public Sale, for Ready Money, on Saturday, the 7th of August,
1852, at the house of Mr. James FYRNESS, Blue Bell Inn, Egremont, the whole of
his valuable household furniture, and other effects, consisting of one good
clock, Mahogany dressing chests; Mahogany card stand, and other tables; one
excellent kitchen table; Mahogany sofs; six dozen of bedroom and kitchen chairs,
all nearly new, mahogany corner cupboards, Mahogany night-commode; one desk;
one oak screen; four feather beds; five chaff beds; bedsteads and hangings;
feather bolsters, and pillows; blankets, quilts and sheets; table linen; stairs
and bedroom carpet; dressing tables; wash-stands; looking-glasses; tea-trays;
china; glass and eartheeware; brass and other fenders; with fire irons,
candlesticks, knives and forks and the whole of the kitchen requisites.
       Also the whole of the bar utensils; seven rows of potatoes growing in
glebe land; two carts and cart gear;  one sow, in pig, and a quantity of
excellent manure; one good churn, and one bogie. Also a number of husbandry
implements and dairy utensils, and a quantity of forms.

       The sale to commence precisely at 12 o'clock at Noon.

       As Mr. FURNESS is about to leave the neighbourhood the whole will be
sold without reserve, and in one day.
                                     John MOSSOP, Auctioneer
Egremont, July 27, 1852