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       This favourite and fashionable resort of the Tourist and Invalid, &c.,
on the coast of Cumberland, has been justly declared one of the most healthy
and agreeable places for Sea Bathing in the Kingdom. The water has been
pronounced by the medical faculty to be singularly pure at all times of the tide, 
flowing direct from St. George's Channel,  and the beach is the most romantic
upon the coast of Cumberland. These advantages are happily combined  with good
roads to the beach ( say a quarter of a mile ) a new carriage-road having 
been recently formed by the Earl of Lonsdale to the Hotel ( Sea Cote ) upon the
edge of the beach.

         In the village there are excellent hotels, where hot and
shower-baths may be had; where horses, ponies, conveyances, &c., are always ready for the
accommodation of visitors, and where every necessary comfort and convenience
may be obtained. Parties preffering private lodgings may obtain
genteelly-furnished rooms in the village, at very moderate charges.

       The most agreeable resort of the nobility and gentry has... (
unreadable )
...a station, whence Tourists may travel north or south.

       St. Bees is situated within an easy drive of Ennerdale and Wastwater
Lakes, and other parts of the Lake District.

       P.S. Bathing Machines are always ready on the beach, with a female

St. Bees, June 25, 1852