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 On Thursday night last, the Deputy mayor (Alderman J. G. Oldfield), who is
 also Chairman of the Whitehaven Technical Education Committee, attended
the Secondary School, Catherine Street, Whitehaven, to distribute the prizes
and certificates gained by the students during the last session.  He heartily
congratulated the winners and spoke words of encouragement, and gave good
advise to those unsuccessful students. Every one, he said, admired talent
and ability, but the race was not always to the swift, and it was often
the case that the men of average ability endowed with indomitable courage and
perseverance were empire builders. All liked the top position on the list,
but for his own part, whilst congratulating those at the head of the list,
he admired and appreciated those who were much lower down if they had
shown they had worked honestly and conscientiously for their position.  He was
especially proud of the success of the mining class and he took this
opportunity of thanking the Whitehaven Colliery Co for the great interest
they had always taken in this class.  Mining was a staple industry of the
borough, and good as the attendance was he would like to see more of out
young miners taking advantage of these classes.

On the proposition of Mr. Field, seconded by Mr. Franks and supported by
Mr. Durham a hearty vote of thanks was given to Mr. Oldfield for his presence
and support.

The following is a list of the prize-winners: -
Shorthand and Bookkeeping: -
Certificates: Agnes ARMSTRONG, Jno. H. FERGUSON, Leslie H. BROOKS,
Herbert WRAY, William FLETCHER, Rowland J. TYSON, Xaveria WILSON.
Applied Mechanics:
Certificates: Arthur B. DAWSON, Ernest RAY.
Mine Surveying:
Arthur DAWSON, Thomas W. COATES, Tom PATTERSON, Jonathon W. DOUGLAS,
Alexander J. JOHNSON.

Coal Mining- Jas. A. THOMPSON. William SLINGER. Jno. W. TINNION.
W. DOUGLAS. Alexander J. JOHNSON. Fred J. KNOWLES. Fred B. SPEDDING. Frank
Electrical Engineering- Eric MORTON. John FINLEY, Alfred G. THOMPSON.
Typography: Sidney COOPER.
Flour Manufacture: John James ROONEY.

To be continued