On Saturday afternoon Dr. Isaac Clark Hodgson of Workington, expired
suddenly at his residence on Ramsey Brow. He was found lying in a state of
extremis on the floor of his study by the maid. An Alarm was raised, and Dr
Arnold the partner of Dr Dudgeon, hurried from the surgery in Ramsey Brow to
the scene but life was extinct. Dr Hodgson was slightly indisposed in the
morning, but grew better and insisted on his wife fulfilling an engagement
at Carlisle. After the melancholy event a telegram of warning was sent to
her, and when she returned by the earliest possible train she was met at the
Low Station by a friend who broke the sad intelligence to her. Dr Hodgson
was a M.B. and C.M. of Glasgow University. He had for many years held the
position of medical officer to the Workington poor law division of the
Cockermouth Union. He was also medical officer to the Workington Port
Sanitary Authority and surgeon to the late Mr. Septimus Hodgson the
well-known Veterinary, who lived at Brigham.  There are two grown up sons by
the marriage. One is an engineer at Newcastle-on-Tyne, and the other holds a
post with the British and American Tobacco Company at Bristol. Both where
communicated with. Sympathy is extended to Mrs Hodgson and her son in their
bereavement.  The deceased was 54 years of age. He was an old volunteer, and
holding his rank soon after the formation of Artillery Corps in Workington
as surgeon.