William CRAIG, (39), labourer, and Margaret CRAIG, (35), his wife, of Hamilton Place, Whitehaven, were charged with having wilfully neglected their five children, namely, William aged 12 years, Sarah, aged 10, Mary Jane, aged 7 years, Thomas, aged 4 and Hannah aged 1 year and 11 months, in a manner likely to cause them unnecessary suffering on August 26th and other dates between the 4th and the 26th August.
    Mr. W. H. CHAPMAN, who prosecuted on behalf of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children said the evidence would disclose a very sad condition of filth and neglect. The case came before the Bench on September 11th and as the male defendant had then absconded the hearing was adjourned sine die. CRAIG had now surrendered.
    The Chairman said the case had disclosed a very sad state of affairs in Whitehaven regarding house property and he thought it was quite right that the Bench should draw the attention of the authorities to the state in which the defendant's house had been found.
    This case was one of the most disgusting and sad cases they had had before them, and it was very sad that the female defendant should have neglected her children and her home as she had.
    The Bench were of an opinion that if her conduct had been different that of her husband would also have been different, and they were not going to treat them both alike. She had kept her children in a most disgusting state and been very cruel to them.
    The sentence of the Court was that William CRAIG be sent to Carlisle Gaol for a month's hard labour, and Margaret CRAIG for three months hard labour. He hoped that when they returned from prison defendants would lead better lives and look after their children properly.