Sad Scalding Accident at Whitehaven

 At Whitehaven Infirmary, on Monday afternoon, Mr. Gordon FALCON, coroner
for West Cumberland, held an inquiry into the circumstances attending the
death of a child named Henry KITCHIN, son of Henry KITCHIN, collier,
Pipehouse Lane, Newtown, who died that morning for the effects of scalds. Mr.
John WAUGH was foreman of the jury.

Mary Elizabeth KITCHIN, wife of Henry KITCHIN, said the child was eighteen
months old. On Sunday morning, September 20th, she poured out a mug of
boiling tea, and placed it on the table to cool. The tea was for herself. The
little boy was sitting in a chair, and had only his night-shirt on, and she
went to the cupboard for the purpose of getting his clothes. He then got
down from the chair, and, before she could prevent him, took hold of the mug
of tea, and put it to his mouth to drink, spilling the contents on his face
and breast. Witness's mother carried the child to the infirmary.

The Coroner: Why didn't you leave him in the infirmary?

Witness: I don't know. My mother fetched him home after they had dressed
him. He had been attended by a doctor since. The doctor said the scalds were
only light, but bronchitis set in. The child was also teething, and had
convulsions. "He died this morning"; added the witness, "and the doctor said
it was bronchitis".

By the Coroner: The marks on the child's face were caused by the tea.

The jury at once returned a verdict of "Accidental death".