At the Wigton Police Court, yesterday (Tuesday), Annie WIGGANS, married
woman, and Margaret HAGAN, single woman, both residing at Water Street,
Wigton were charged with stealing a shirt, value 2s 6d, the property of Wm.
DIXON, on Saturday, the 26th Sept.

Wm. DIXON the prosecutor, who is a farmer residing at Kelsick, said that on
Saturday night he bought a shirt similar to the one produced at Mr. BARNES'
shop at Wigton.

He afterwards went along with a friend to the Fountain House, where they had
two glasses of ale each. Witness afterwards went to the back door of the
inn, where he noticed several women. Prisoners asked him to stand treat, but
he said there were a lot of them, and refused. He was then carrying the
shirt in a parcel under his arm. HAGAN snatched the shirt and gave it to the
other woman and both ran away. Witness went after them, and saw HAGAN. He
told her that if the shirt was not given up he would inform the police. HAGAN
said she believed the other woman had taken it home. Witness then gave
information to the police.

HAGAN: Didn't you take us to the "King's Head" and ask this other woman to
go for a walk? Witness: No

HAGAN further said prosecutor offered to treat them if they would wait until
he came out of the shop. He was then coming down West Street with a Scotch
woman. She found the parcel in the King's Head yard.

Prosecutor denied this.

P.C. GORDON deposed to arresting WIGGANS at her own house in Water Street,
where he also found the shirt. He apprehended HAGAN at the Blue Bell Inn. He
charged then at the Police Station with the theft, and HAGAN said she had
nothing to do with it. WIGGANS said, "No, she (HAGAN) had nothing to do with
it. DIXON asked me to go up the lane with him, and I found the shirt lying."

Joseph HANEY volunteered evidence on behalf of WIGGANS, saying that he saw
prosecutor with other women near the Victoria Hotel. He was very drunk.

P.C. GORDON said prosecutor was quite sober. Prisoners were each fined 5s
and costs.