The monthly meeting of this committee was held in the Sunday Schoolroom,
Hensingham, on Monday evening. The Rev W.H. WILKINSON (chairman) presided,
and there were also present: Messrs M. COWAN, G. TODHUNTER, J.J. WATSON,
(Mr. W. H. BROWN). There was no public business to transact. The Chairman
said it seemed the parish was in a most satisfactory state. In reply to the
Chairman the Clerk said an objection had been laid against the Rose Bank
road, which he understood would have to be heard at the police court. The
Chairman said the road was in a dreadful state at present. The Parish
Council meeting followed, the same members being present.


 The Secretary (Mr. A.G. KENNEDY), of the Free Church Council, wrote
thanking the Parish Council for their courtesy in acceding to the request of
the Free Church Council in the matter of the burial ground. On the motion of
the Chairman, a deed of grant for grave space was signed for Mr. John


 The following memorial, which has been signed by 63 ratepayers, was
presented by the clerk. We, whose names are given below, ratepayers of the
parish, would respectfully request that before any contract is entered into
respecting the above named ground that the ratepayers of the parish should
be allowed an opportunity of expressing their approval or disapproval of the
proposed scheme. We think our request so fair and reasonable that we hope
the Council will agree to it unanimously. We further propose, in order to
get a true and correct opinion of the ratepayers, that each ratepayer should
have a circular sent stating the terms secured, and the probable cost to the
ratepayers yearly, and that each ratepayer be requested to write the word
"approval" or "disapproval" with their name and address underneath and trust
the Council will favour this suggestion in Further, if the Council is
agreeable, we are willing to find the circulars, deliver them and collect
them from the ratepayers and deliver them to your secretary, Mr. W.H. BROWN,
free of cost to the ratepayers. Mr. COWAN asked if the Clerk could guarantee
that all the names on the document were legal, as they were all in one
handwriting. The Clerk said it was just as it was just as it was given to
him by Mr. KENNISH, and he thought they would be quite correct. Mr. NANSON
thought they would be quite legal. He thought it was quite right to have the
feeling of the parish, but it seemed a little late in the day, when they had
already gone fully into the matter. He approved of the ratepayers making
their voices heard when it was proposed to incur any new expense which would
have to be paid by them, but he was of the opinion that the time for
opposing the recreation scheme had long passed. It had been before the
public for many months, and


Against the opponents of the scheme hanging back until the Council had
entered in an agreement to lease the land for that purpose. If any ratepayer
wished to oppose the scheme he had ample opportunity at the annual parish
meeting last spring, or any six ratepayers could call a special meeting at
any time. The scheme to distribute and collect ballot papers did not appear
to him in the orthodox way. The proper way was for the parishioners to avail
themselves of the statutory powers and convene a parish meeting, at which
the scheme could be publicly discussed and voted upon. He therefore moved
that the clerk write to Mr. KENNISH, the promoter of the memorial, and point
out to him that six parochial electors could call a parish meeting to
discuss the matter. Mr. COWAN seconded the motion. He was in favour of a
recreation ground, and considered if they could only get the children off
the street, it would be a blessing to the parish. The Chairman said he
agreed with a great deal that had been said. As the cost was only estimated
at a half-penny in the £ it did not seem necessary to have a public
meeting. Mr.
J. B. BROWN said he was



He always thought the recreation ground scheme was a most popular thing, and
he understood they were elected on this question. ST the annual meeting
there was no great objection to it. Mr. TODHUNTER maintained that the matter
was not fairly represented by the organizers of the memorial. Mr. NANSON
said it seemed playing rather fast and loose with the landlord after the
handsome manner in which he had met them. Mr. COWEN's motion was carried.