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Anniversary Services.

On Sunday the anniversary services were commenced in this church. In the morning in spite of the rain a large congregation was present. The pulpit was occupied by the Rev. J E McVITTIE, Hexham. The reverend gentleman, who is a native of Maryport, preached a very impressive sermon. A very large congregation was present in the evening, when the pulpit was again occupied by the Rev. J E McVITTIE.

On Monday the services were continued. In the evening a tea meeting was held which was very well partonised. The following ladies gave and presided over the tea tables: — Mrs. MAIN adn the Misses MAIN, Mrs. MARTIN, Mrs. MELLRAITH, Mrs. WILSON, Miss WILSON and Miss BLACK; the Rev. J W STEWART, the pastor of the church, also gave a table, which was presided over by Miss GARDNER and Miss WALKER.

In the evening a lecture was given by the Rev J W STEWART on Joseph MAZZINI, Radical and religious reformer. Mr. STEWART referred to the ideal MAZZINI set before himself of a religious Republic, and described him as a man of great moral enthusiasm. He lamented the lack of such men to-day. He believed what Lord ROSEBERY said the other day in a conversation with a friend that "Politics to-day were a mere game." Men had no strong convictions. They needed a GLADSTONE or a MAZZINI to-day to rouse the pople from their moral apathy. It was a disgrace to the English nation that they could look on unmoved while thousnad were being slaughtered in Macedonia. MAZZINI was an idealist and perhaps that was the reason that he did not succeed as otherwise he might have done. The man who won to-day was the practical man of affairs, the man of the world, Mr. STEWART also condemned the opening of MAZZINI's letters by Sir James GRAHAM, the Home Secretary, which led to the execution of two Austrian subjects. He said that the English Government acted as a mere spy for Austria on that occasion, and he read the testimony given concerning MAZZINI by Thomas CARLYLE. He regretted that MAZZINI did not appear to be so prominent a character in the eye of the public now, and urged them to make themselves acquainted with his life and writings.

After the lecture, which was listened to very attentively by an appreciative audience, the meeting was addressed by the Rev Matthew YOUNG, Whitehaven. — Mr. John BYERS proposed, and Mr. DALZELL seconded, a vote of thanks to the lecturer, the ladies who gave the tables, and all who had in any way contributed to the success of the services. A collection was made at all the services, and the church funds have benefited to a large extent. The following persons gave donations: — Mrs. H. McDOWALL, Mr. D. MORRISON, Mrs. WILSON, Mrs. Dr EATON, Mrs. BYERS, Mr. STEELE, Mr. McLEAN (Frizington), Mr. John BLACK, and Mr. T. STEELE.