Embleton Youth’s Disregard of Safety.

Notwithstanding the many fatal accidents and hairbreadth escapes in which cyclists who venture out on brakeless machines figure so frequently, these warnings do not seem sufficient to deter some people from continuing this dangerous practice. Thomas JOHNSTON, an Embleton labourer, aged 16 admitted to the Cockermounth magistrates on Monday that he rode such a bicycle furiously near Cockermouth on the 20th inst.

Supt. GRAHAM said he was driving past the Castle gates when he observed defendant on this side of St. Helens riding towards him. JOHNSTON, who had a brakeless machine, was riding at a most furious rate. Witness just managed to pull up his horse, and the defendant managed to put his foot on the wheel, and stop his machine, or there would have been a most serious accident. 

Mr J. H JEFFERSON (from the Bench): Do you mean that he was between St. Helens and the Castle?

Supt. GRAHAM: Yes

Mr. JEFFERSON: It is fairly safe there, isn’t it. So long as he pulled up before he got to Castle gate he would be all right.

Supt. GRAHAM: It is down hill all the way. I should say he was going at thirty miles an hour. It is a road on which people go much too fast. There were several people about.

The chairman (Mr W. L. ALEXANDER) said the police were quite right in bringing this man up; as such riding was exceedingly dangerous. Defendant would have to pay 3s 6d costs without a conviction, and they hoped that this would be a lesson to him and others.