The Pica Homing Society flew a short distance race on Saturday afternoon, when the birds were liberated at the Black Cock Inn, Distington (should be Dislington?) There were 24 entries at 1s each and Mrs. DOUGLAS added £ 10s. Mr. W. H. KITCHIN acted as timekepper. J. STEPHENS’s, J. W., R. KIRKPATRICKS’ Silver Tail and George BELL’s Buller each did the distance in 1 minute, 23 seconds, and the owners each received 16s. 4. J. STEPHENS’s Rose Bud, 1 minute, 25 seconds, 6s. The fanciers and a few friends held a knife and fork supper at the “Black Cock”. Mrs. DOUGLAS kindly prepared the repast, which was much enjoyed by the 50 guests. The following ladies had charge of the tables: -Mrs. McTIER, Mrs. BRUCE, and Miss DOUGLAS. A very enjoyable evening was spent by the company.