At Cleator Moor Police Court on Friday, Margaret TRAYNOR, Whitehaven, was charged with hawking in the district of the Local Board on the 10th of March. Mr. WEBSTER appeared for the prosecution, and Mr. MALKINSON (Clerk of the Local Board) proved that on the date named the defendant was selling eggs in Jacktrees-road, contrary to the Local Act of Parliament.
    Mr. WEBSTER said that if the defendant would plead guilty and pay the costs, the local Board would not press for a penalty. They wished it to be understood that people had no right to hawk in the district without a license.
    Defendant was ordered to pay the costs, 5s.
    John DORAN was charged with having done wilful damage to a house occupied by Terrence M'CANN, Back Wyndham-street. The complainant said that the defendant came up to his house and broke the door open. His son-in-law went out to see what was going on, and received a "bat in the mouth." The "ammunition" produced (large stones) were used against the door. There were two panes of glass, two looking glasses, and two "pedals" of the door broken. The damage amounted to 16s 3d.
    John KELLY proved that defendant threw one stone into complainant's house, and had to be taken away. Defendant denied the charge, and asked for a remand. He was fined 30s., with the alternative of a month in gaol.
    Margaret KINRADE was charged with having assaulted Catherine GALLAGHER. Complainant said that on Monday last, as she was coming from Mrs. FLETCHER's High House, defendant met her and struck her.
    Defendant said that complainant had struck her little sister, and upon speaking to her she said she would do the same to her. Complainant kicked her, and then she (defendant) struck her in the face.
    Thomas MAWSON proved that defendant struck complainant, and said that on telling the former that she had done plenty she said, "You ---, if you come here I'll do the same for you." (Laughter). Another witness spoke to seeing the assault on the complainant.
    The other case was a charge of assault committed by the complainant on a child eight years of age, the sister of the defendants. Mrs. KINRADE, mother of the girl, detailed the particulars of the assault, the chief item in which was that GALLAGHER knocked the child down with a brush.
    Mrs. WEIGHMAN said GALLAGHER struck the child across the shoulders.
    Annie GALLAGHER, mother of the present defendant, said that complainant's child annoyed her daughter by dirtying her steps after they were washed, and afterwards struck her.
    KINRADE was fined 15s., including costs, and the other case was dismissed.
    James SWEENEY and James PENNINGHAM, each about nineteen years of age, were charged with begging.
    Police constable lEWIS said that the prisoners were begging in Main-street, Egremont, this morning. There was a third man with them, and they were dividing what they got. Prisoners said they belonged to Liverpool, and were making their way to Whitehaven. They were rivetters by trade. The prisoners were discharged with a caution.