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    At the Cockermouth Police Court, on Monday, Thomas SMITH, mill overlooker, Cockermouth, was charged with having assaulted Catherine ASKEW, a single woman at Derwent Mills. Cockermouth, on the 27th of March.
    Mr. BURN appeared to prosecute, and Mr. SIMPSON appeared to defend.
    Complainant said that she worked at Messrs HARRIS' s thread mill, and while she was cleaning a frame with pearl ash on Monday morning, defendant came up to her and asked, "What's thou doing?" She said she was washing the frame and defendant told her she had better go home. He did not allow her time to get up, but "clashed" her against one of the boxes. Complainant asked him for her money. Defendant then got hold of her and shoved her against the hoist door. Complainant told him she could not go until she got her clothes and money. Defendant then sent the girl who was working next to her for her clothes. She again asked him for her money, and told him that it would be worse for him if she did not get it, whereupon he got her by her neck and "flung" her from the door, and then took her by the shoulders and threw her down the stairs, but she caught hold of something to support herself.
    Ellen NEAN stated that she worked in the same room as the complainant. Remembered last Monday morning, saw the defendant "shove" the complainant out of the room. She did not know how the array originated.
    Mary TODD said she worked in the same room as the complainant. Remembered last Monday morning. She saw the defendant take the complainant by the shoulders and put her out of the room. Defendant used complainant very roughly.
    Sarah MORRIS and William GRAHAM gave similar evidence. Jane ASKEW the complainant's mother, stated that the girl came home crying, and that the defendant had ill used her. Witness saw the marks of the defendant's fingers on the girl's arm. Went back with her to the mill, and asked defendant why he had thrown her daughter down the stairs. Defendant threatened to throw witness down stairs also.
    For the defense it was pleaded that the girl had not done her work properly, and that she had been ejected from the premises with no more violence than was necessary for that purpose.
    The Bench considered the defendant had used more violence than was necessary, and he was fined 1s., and ordered to pay the costs.
    Jane ASKEW, mother of the last complainant, wife of Henry ASKEW, twine spinner, Kirkgate, Cockermouth, was charged with having assaulted  Thomas SMITH, the defendant in the last case. Mr. SIMPSON appeared to prosecute and Mr. BURN defended.
    Complainant stated that soon after the defendant's daughter had been sent home she returned back to the mill with the defendant. Defendant beckoned to him and he went to her. She then asked him why he had kicked her daughter down the stairs. Defendant asked the daughter if he had kicked her down the stairs, and she replied that he did not kick her but shoved her. Defendant then said to him, "You ----, I will split your skull," and attempted to strike him with a door key which she carried in her hand.
    Defendant then asked for her daughter's money, which was paid to her by a clerk named Charles GORLEY. Whilst they were in the office receiving the money that was due to the daughter the defendant again made use of bad language and attempted to strike him with the key.
    Charles GORLEY and Ellen BROUGH gave corroborative testimony. The defendant was fined 1s. and costs.