At the Maryport Police Court on Monday, John ERNEST, a native of France, and a cook on board the City of Hamburg (s), was charged with having illegally imported 5 14lbs of foreign manufactured tobacco on the 2nd inst. The defendant pleaded guilty.
    James W. OGLE proved the finding of the tobacco, which the defendant claimed. Mr. BUCKLEY, the Collector of Customs, said these petty cases of smuggling were on the increase, and therefore he felt obliged to press the case. The defendant was fined £4 9s. 3d., including costs.
    At the Maryport Police Court, on Tuesday, William CORRIGAN and Alexander M'MULLEN, - the former a stoker and the latter a coal trimmer on board the Borthwick (s) - were charged with that day having illegally imported 1 lb. and 1lb 2 oz. of tabocco.
    Mr. BUCKLEY stated that an officer in customs searching the steamship Borthwick found two packages of tobacco on the forecastle which the defendants admitted belonged to them.
    Mr. ADDISON said if they could get at the receivers it would be more important than dealing with the smugglers. He supposed they would be got by and by.
    CORRIGAN was fined 15s 8d., including costs, and M'MULLEN was fined 17s 6d., including costs. - those amounts both double duty and costs.